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December 3, 2014

My wife and I recently came to the end of a long journey and were able to purchase a small home in South Africa.

After renting for 23 years, I see a stark contrast between ownership and renting.

As an owner, when I walked into the house, I saw every minor defect and area which needed attention. Initially, I felt overwhelmed with this responsibility.

When I returned to our rental home, I saw far more defects in the rental than the place we owned. I had learned to overlook them and live with the issues since the place was not my own.

As we began minor renovations, I saw my sense of ownership increase with every passing day and task completed. We enhanced the place in ways we could never even dream of in a rental.

A Blend of Grace and Effort

November 4, 2014

As humans we tend to go to extremes. The idea of tension and living in the midst of it is difficult. We are a people of “either or”, not “both”.

In writings and teaching about grace and works, you often get this as well. Very few talk about the balance between the two, rather than isolating one or the other.

As I speak and write on grace I feel this tension.

I know some of my posts on grace will anger the “effort” crowd, while there are others in our midst who despise any mention of our part and responsibility.

We label people in the camps of “Hyper-Grace”, “Sloppy Agape, “Holiness movements”, or “Legalists”.

As if there is no grace in holiness or any responsibility in the promotion of freedom.

I’ve posted many “Grace” posts such as:

Tipping the Scale

October 26, 2014

Today is the 3rd Anniversary of NoSuperHeroes. In honor of this, I have re-engineered the first-ever post, editing it and sprucing it up a bit. As you will see, we started with an emphasis on grace and relationship with God. Three years and 324 posts later, this is still the goal. Hope you’ve enjoyed the journey. Please tell others and join the conversation designed to inspire us toward a deeper walk with Jesus!

What is the primary focus in our walk with God?

Is it our sin: knowing what sin is, staying away from it, and trying to pay for it when we fail?

Or, are we focused on Jesus?

In the book of Acts, we see the early church as being focused on Christ in spite of their mistakes and growing pains.

As Christians, our battle against sin can begin to consume us.

Working Toward Heaven

May 4, 2014

I was out for a jog the other day and ran (pun intended) across a group of Jehovah’s Witnesses preparing for a Saturday of door to door evangelism.

In the past, I’ve engaged in conversations with them about salvation by grace and not works, Jesus being God, or even their view that only 144,000 will make it to heaven (from Revelation).

Today I was struck with a sense of sadness.

How sad for someone to believe they must evangelize in hopes of working towards heaven.

How many souls are enough?
How many Saturday’s are enough?
In a church of close to 8 million, will you really do enough to be in the top 144,000 of all time? (or be so lucky to be on earth when God’s kingdom is established here in the future.)

Jesus Hates Religion

April 23, 2014

“- Has your experience with God been about the “do’s” and the “don’t?”
“- Are you on a path that was decided for you by people you trusted, but it feels more like bondage?
“- Have you completely abandoned all paths because you’ve seen the end results, and you have no desire whatsoever to be a part of that?”
“- Have you been blinded by hurt and betrayal?”
“- Have you been crushed by the church?”
“- Have you lost all desire to even find a path?”

Alex Himaya asks these questions and more in his new book, Jesus Hates Religion: Finding Grace in a Works-Driven Culture.

As you know, I read a lot of books on grace. This is one of the best I’ve read. I felt like a kindred spirit with Himaya as we are both dedicated to a similar message.