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Do We Need to Repent?

August 27, 2012

This series on NoSuperHeroes stems from the Top Questions I receive in my Grace Seminars. We can find  answers to our questions without changing the message of Grace!

Question #1: I know at salvation I am forgiven, but now I must confess my sin and repent…Right?!?

Confession and acknowledgement of our sin is an essential part of a believer’s conversion.

After we’ve been saved, is confession of every sin required to continue in that forgiveness?

Every action, thought, word, and attitude required a sacrifice in the Old Testament. If repentance is a requirement, the same standard of perfection holds true. We must specifically repent of each sinful action, word, thought, and attitude. Missing even one would break God’s standard; just as not sacrificing for even a single sin broke the covenant.

Catch that? You can’t miss even a single sinful thought! The requirement is perfection!