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God is Not Like WalMart

April 2, 2014

We live in a consumer driven culture today and can easily allow this influence to creep into our walk with God.

At our very core, we want to feel happy and get whatever we desire, more than glorifying God, learning obedience, or serving others.

In this view, it is not long before God exists to satisfy our consumer desires.

God is not like WalMart.

It is true that God is the “Father of Lights” who gives good gifts to his children. He says, “Come, seek, knock, and ask

But when receiving God’s gifts becomes the single aspect of our relationship with God, we treat Him like a department store.

A consumer mindset is very destructive. Everything’s value is determined by it’s usefulness to me.

  • We buy, but when it’s no longer useful, we throw it away.
  • We marry, but when our spouse no longer satisfies our emotional desires, we divorce.