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Romance Redefined

February 16, 2016

As Christians we toss words around like intimacy and passion transforming relationship with God into romance with God.

In a sexualized culture, it is natural to start using these words to speak of our fellowship with God. We believe the highest human form of relationship will take on a sexual nature.

I’ve heard stories of churches putting a bed on stage and speaking of how God wants to romance us. Is it anyone wonder women are more attracted to the church than men?!?

The Bible does not use our romantic notion to describe relationship. In fact when sexual imagery is used, it is a negative speaking of prostituting our hearts (Ezekiel 16:30) or walking in whoredom (Hosea 4:12).

What picture does the Bible take?

It would not make for a good movie or racy novel!

In fact, in our culture, it might be considered boring.

Life WITH God

April 19, 2014

I’ve spent a lot of time and space recently exploring ways Not to relate to God.

  • We explored the false pretense saying God is required to bless us for right lifestyle.
    – Truth, although powerful and needed, can actually be a substitute for relationship with God.
  • The consumer God mindset, where He becomes your WalMart was analyzed.
  • And we contemplated how being active and living on mission can subtlety replace God in our lives.

All of these posts and explorations have been inspired by the most thought provoking book I have read in a long time.

With: Reimagining the Way You Relate to God by Skye Jethani shows how the change of a simple preposition can affect our walk with God.

  • When we live Under God it says we have power to demand blessings based on our lifestyle.

God is Not Like WalMart

April 2, 2014

We live in a consumer driven culture today and can easily allow this influence to creep into our walk with God.

At our very core, we want to feel happy and get whatever we desire, more than glorifying God, learning obedience, or serving others.

In this view, it is not long before God exists to satisfy our consumer desires.

God is not like WalMart.

It is true that God is the “Father of Lights” who gives good gifts to his children. He says, “Come, seek, knock, and ask

But when receiving God’s gifts becomes the single aspect of our relationship with God, we treat Him like a department store.

A consumer mindset is very destructive. Everything’s value is determined by it’s usefulness to me.

  • We buy, but when it’s no longer useful, we throw it away.
  • We marry, but when our spouse no longer satisfies our emotional desires, we divorce.

How many times have we heard change will occur in our lives, or even in our nations, when we begin to apply Biblical truth?

It’s true isn’t it?

You don’t have to be a believer to have God’s principles work.

  • If you handle money the way God tells us to, you will prosper. Think of how wealthy the Jewish people have become.
  • If you walk in the wisdom God gives for a healthy lifestyle, you will be in better health.
  • We all take certain Biblical values as absolutes, such as society being better if I do not go on a murder spree!

This has nothing to do with following God.

Can we as Christians journey to a place where truth substitutes for God?

A life focused only on truth can turn us into a manager. Skye Jethani describes it as being, “an autonomous being who has been given a divine manual for operating my life and world, and whose fate will ultimately rest upon how well I implement God’s principles and instructions.”

The most common view of life with God today is a picture of us living under divine rules in order to avoid calamity.

Follow the rules, live right, and God will bless us. Right?

We want God on our side. In simple terms, we want to move his hand or manipulate him.

A God who controls everything gives us rules, so we try to exert control over him in order to reduce uncertainty.

We do this by:
1. Rituals (religious practices which appease God)
2. Morality (certain behaviours to be done or avoided)

Its like the great exchange.  I give you worship and righteous behavior, you give me __________.

It’s a formula: I give you this, you give me that.

We motivate people towards sexual abstinence telling them, “If you don’t have sex you will have better grades, sports success, and have amazing sex when married.”