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Grace is not a Girly Message

November 7, 2011

As I was preparing to launch my blog on grace, I was searching online for other grace based blogs. I found a few and noticed a common theme. Most of the blogs authors were women. Most of the comments on these blogs were also from women.

It reminded me of the times I have spoken on grace. I’ve had men comment on my message by saying, “that message is more applicable for women than men.”

I have nothing against women bloggers. I fully believe that women can teach me a lot in the area of grace. They put up with men after all!

Hear this loud and clear: Grace is not a girlie man message!

In our performance driven society, men feel tremendous pressure to make more money, be the romantic husband, the loving father, the involved church and community member, and more. The list never ends. Men face  massive pressure to do “works” and perform.