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A few months ago, I wrote a post on Christian SuperMom called Reflecting a Gracious God to our Children. In it, I wondered what tools we as parents could use to model the grace of God to our kids.

I would like to follow this post up with a report and some new thoughts.

I modeled the technique mentioned in the initial post to my oldest son, Garett,  offering to take his punishment for him. He had lost the use of an Ipod Touch for video games. I explained what I was doing and how it was similar to Jesus taking our place.

He nodded and ran off to play his games. I wondered if the lesson took root.

Several months later I found myself giving my youngest son, Thabo, consequences for a choice he made. Garett, pipes up,  offering to take the punishment for his brother.
He said it makes him sad for his brother to miss out and he wants to take his place. He tells me this is what  Jesus did for him.