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Let Hope In

December 15, 2013

Hope connects to so many other topics. In his book, Let Hope in: 4 Choices That Will Change Your Life Forever, Pete Wilson hits on many things, so much so there will literally be something for everyone in this book.

He touches on how hope can be hindered by our past, by guilt, shame, and regret.

He also speaks of many attributes which can promote hope in our lives. Things such as trusting god, forgiveness, and love.

The one which challenged me the most is that of gratitude.

Whenever I see things about this topic, I am drawn to them as a magnet is drawn towards steel. I believe it is because this is an area of my life I could grow in.

My wife says I can be negative. I tend towards saying I am realistic. But if I am honest, I know she is right. (wives usually are)

Empty Promises

April 16, 2012

“Are you weary of all the empty promises that leave you longing and aching for more? This performance-driven lifestyle is just another form of idolatry and it will eventually leave you exhausted bitter and ready to give up.”

I recently read and reviewed Empty Promises: The Truth About You, Your Desires, and the Lies You’re Believing  by Pete Wilson as a reviewer for Book Sneeze. This is the best book I have reviewed as a member of this program.

Wilson has a nice page turning writing style, full of stories and challenging thoughts. One of his techniques is to rip off a list thought provoking questions that challenge readers to really search their hearts and apply what they are reading. Questions like: