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  • Precision Cut Grace

    Thirteen years ago I had laser eye surgery. In this procedure, the patient lies on a table, staring at the light. Behind the light is a computer guided laser, reshaping your cornea to correct your vision. I so vividly remember this simultaneously exciting and terrifying event. The first eye went fine. “Stare at the light and […]

  • Delegation With Trust

    We’ve all experienced the dreaded dirty delegation. We are given a task, but then the supervisor micro-manages our every move, never really releasing us to do the job. We end up watching them do it and walk away feeling unsatisfied. Why didn’t they just do it themselves? We feel a lack of trust. No one […]

  • When Living on Mission Replaces God

    We hear a lot today about Christians filling the church chairs, but not doing much with their faith other than being spectators “Those lazy, unmotivated Christians, they just sit in the pews!” What are we saying? Real Christians are on God’s mission, engaging in God’s calling. We quote James of faith without action is dead. […]

  • The Pursuit of Balance Through “Yes…But..”

    Opposites Attract

    The topic of grace is one which is often met with the response, “Yes…..But,….” Why is this? We agree, but feel the need to bring balance or present another equally important truth. Is it because there is such a fine line of walking in truth and avoiding extremes? Think of how often we do this…. […]

  • God Uses Ordinary People

    Society tells us we must be bigger, better, faster and stronger to find success. The fact that society exalts displays of strength is not something new to the twenty-first century. Paul dealt with these very things in Second Corinthians. Corinth was a leading first-century city, steeped in the Greek worldview, a worldview that exalted all […]