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Grace When You Disagree

February 20, 2017

It seems there are more opportunities for division and disagreement right now than ever.

Many world events have caused Christians to take opposite sides on issues.

The recent election in the USA
The worldwide issues with refugees and immigrants
A global fear of the foreigner.

There are those embracing terms like evangelical and inclusive, while at the same time others are fleeing them.

Economic Disparity
Moral debates

Being unified as a church is harder than ever.

The apostle Paul had some experience in these areas.

He needed to bring together the arch enemies of the Jews and the Gentiles in the church of Rome. This required dealing with moral and cultural issues.

The church in Corinth was divided over spiritual gifts, freedom in Christ, and lawsuits to name a few.

As 2013 winds down, I will be re-posting the top three original blog entries of this year. Included in the repost will be some fresh comments detailing why I believe these were so popular.

The third most popular post was: Do You Hate Your Life (at least parts of it)
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and the most popular post of 2013 with fresh comments is……..Surviving in an Anti-God Society


The airwaves of social media are laden with the demise of America. Christians are seen mourning over election results and some are stocking up on guns.

The question of surviving in an increasingly anti-God society seems to come up often.

I recently finished teaching the book of Daniel, which also asks this question. Daniel was taken captive from Jerusalem to Babylon. He was indoctrinated with the culture and customs of Babylon in an attempt to strip him of his Jewish identity. Daniel was forced to serve in a horrible, pagan government.

I have to admit something.

I am very happy to miss the upcoming election season in America.

Don’t worry, I voted. But to miss the speculation and doomsday prognosis makes me happy.

Each day, hate spews on the airways of Facebook and Twitter. Believers proclaiming doom to America depending which party wins the election. Obviously this venom is directed toward the party or candidate they do not desire to see prevail.

I’ve been around enough elections to know Christians always boldly proclaim “this election is key”  and “the future is at risk.”

While every believer should engage in government and their duties as a citizen, we can take it too far.

Elections can cause Mormons to suddenly be Christians and professing Christians to be closet Muslims!

Our friends from other nations get a nice chuckle at the absurdity of it all.

As the debate rages on immigration in many nations, I had an up close and personal look at the issue the other day.

My family and I serve as missionaries in South Africa. It was time to renew our visas. The trek to Home Affairs brings dread to the heart of all.

As I entered, I could see a long line of refugees from war-torn and politically unstable African nations. They were seeking asylum and a change of status from illegal to legal.

They are weary. Lines in their faces show a life of hardship and difficulty. They’ve been mistreated in a land supposedly better than home. They are desperate to receive even a hint of grace.

I’m a stranger in a land which is not my own. Intimidation is often a goal in these offices, being both confusing and frustrating. It seems the staff receive training in unfriendliness.

No More Doom and Gloom

April 25, 2012

This post is mostly for my American readers in hopes of bringing a different perspective to the sense of doom and gloom which pervades the United States. For my readers of other nationalities, here is a chance to focus on the good in America, not merely the mistakes highlighted by the global media.

The demise of Christianity in America is overstated.

If I take my cues from Facebook, Twitter, and the news reports I receive while overseas, one would assume American Christianity is going down the toilet.

Believers are a in virtual terror at the thought of the political party they support not winning. Claims of the moral decline of America clog the internet’s social media channels. I could easily assume I would be setting foot into a reincarnated Sodom and Gomorrah upon returning.

Yet, to the amateur eye, I saw a different perspective on the level of faith in the United States recently.