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Today is the second in a series of guest posts by Marysol Blomerus as she looks at unplugging as a way of balancing our lives. You can read more about Marysol, her lovely family, and her excellent reasons for unplugging on the first post in this series.

So you have your unplug night or day set in your calendar. A time to fully detox from the internet to get some rest and pull away. Here’s some things you need to know to make it a¬†successful¬†time. If you missed yesterday’s post on this, go read that first.

Before Unplugging

1) Consider having someone else join you.
Your spouse, your roommate, or your teenage son. Pick someone, especially if you live with them. Get them on board so you are not contending with temptation in your own home. If you live alone, accountability will save you from caving when you realize how addicted you might be.