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  • Safeguarding Against the Abuse of Power

    abuse of power

    Even the noblest of leaders can succumb to the lure of entitlement. We work hard, often at a lower salary than our efforts should provide. What would be so wrong with accepting the perks the job can provide? In the recent downfall of Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill we saw some of this illustrated, most […]

  • On Leadership and Mark Driscoll

    This is not a Mark Driscoll bashing post. I applaud Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill for what they have done in a location the church has not had a lot of success, Seattle. I do not agree with everything he has taught, especially his view on women and marriage, but love that he and his […]

  • You’ve Been Wrecked, Now Commit!

    I’ve spent the last 21 years working in a primarily short-term missions organization, Youth With a Mission (YWAM). I’ve seen countless lives ¬†wrecked for the ordinary as they served others through missions. This is the premise of Jeff Goins’ recent book. [amazon_link id=”0802404928″ target=”_blank” ]Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into your Comfortable Life[/amazon_link] The […]

  • Top 3 Reads of 2012 (so far)

    I am an avid reader. I find as my children get older, and with the new purchase of a Kindle Keyboard , I am reading even more. One of my most popular post was the Top Reads of 2011¬†last year. So having consumed 26 books already this year, let me offer a teaser of what […]