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  • Can I Do Whatever I Want?

    Can I Do Whatever I Want?

    This series on NoSuperHeroes deals with the Top Questions I receive in my Grace Seminars. Come back each day to see how we answer our questions without changing the message of Grace! Top Question: If I have grace and forgiveness, can I do whatever I want? Is it party time? “Once Saved, Always Saved.” “He […]

  • Do Christians Try to Manipulate God?

    Do Christians Try to Manipulate God?

    In his book [amazon_link id=”0340832762″ target=”_blank” ]Bono on Bono[/amazon_link], the lead singer of the Irish rock band U2, shares the most culturally relevant presentations of the gospel I have heard. He does this without using religious words or catchphrases such as “washed in the blood.” Bono explains the world has two main forces—grace and karma. […]

  • The Gospel that is Not

    The Gospel that is Not

    Today, NoSuperHeroes welcomes Chance Faulkner. He resides in Canada with his lovely wife. Chance is a recent newlywed and graduate of the Emmaus School of Biblical Studies. You can follow him on his blog and Twitter. He also runs a photography business. _________ We live in a time in history where, more than ever, it seems […]

  • I Need Your Help…

    I Need Your Help…

    From American youth groups to Madagascar to underground gatherings in China; the message of grace has carried a powerful impact in the lives of people I have been privileged to share it with. For those who know me, you know this message is my One Big Thing. I love to see many expressions of this […]

  • Is Christianity True?

    Is Christianity True?

    With so many religions and talk of all roads leading to the same place, how can we know which one is true? Is Christianity true? We can be confident Christianity is true for one simple reason. It is so different and unique when compared to all the other religions. If man began a religion, human nature […]