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  • How Much is Too Much

    Too Much! (edited)

    When dealing with the topics of grace and holiness, eventually the question of “how much is too much comes up.” I’ve spoken before about how much grace is too much grace. The flip side is how much sin is too much sin? We are accustomed to hearing preachers rail against certain kinds of sin. We […]

  • A Cautious Grace


    Whenever you tell someone you speak and write about grace, they are quick to offer cautions. Grace must be kept in balance. “You don’t want sloppy agape or cheap grace now do you?” Oh yes, well watch out for so and so, he is dangerous… Grace is treated as though it is radioactive material moments […]

  • A Vicious Cycle

    080409 revolving door-1

    Do you find yourself going around the same issues over and over in your Christian walk? Do we employ new and better strategies for breaking that certain sin’s hold on us? Are we always pushing the reset button after our latest failure? Does it actually seem like the harder we try to live for God, […]

  • Best of 2013 #2: Eight Traits of Grace Filled Leadership

    As 2013 winds down, I will be re-posting the top three original blog entries of this year. Included in the repost will be some fresh comments detailing why I believe these were so popular. The third most popular post was: Do You Hate Your Life (at least parts of it). The second most popular post […]

  • Choose Wisely

    God is Angry with the Wicked, Kid.

    In the church today, our motivations towards holiness fall somewhere between two extremes. On one side, we have the “your ticket is punched, do whatever you want” camp which receives labels such as cheap grace and sloppy agape. On theother side, we have a controlling, law-oriented, manipulation-based “scare them into the kingdom and keep them […]