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  • The Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley

    The Next Generation Leader by Andy Stanley

    Andy Stanley is one of my favorite communicators. I thoroughly enjoy his podcasts and respect what he has accomplished. When I read several blogs touting must-read leadership books, his was on there. I picked up a copy of Next Generation Leader and was not disappointed. Andy looks at 5 Essential Traits for those who will shape […]

  • Change: An Unexpected Roadmap

    Change: An Unexpected Roadmap

    You’ve cast the vision, instilled the values, spent hours of  time guiding and training your team. You are ready to soar! Then…… A key player falls sick and enters the hospital. The exciting events of marriages and pregnancies are causes for celebration yet create waves of change in a family or organization. In missions it could be the […]

  • Superstar Versus Team

    Superstar Versus Team

    The recent trend in sports is to assemble a collection of superstars in hopes of winning a title. Is this the path to success or would organizations be better served to build a strong team? The trend in sports seems to favor teams with many integral parts over the collection of 1 or 2 superstar […]

  • Promoting Balanced Lives in your Team

    Promoting Balanced Lives in your Team

    Half of American workers hate their jobs! That is shocking! I believe we can improve the enjoyment of our teams by promoting balanced lives coupled with creating a team environment and being concerned with their growth. Too often workers dislike their jobs because the road to success come through overworking. Workers need to be challenged and pushed, but […]

  • Growing Your Team

    Growing Your Team

    I am not talking about growth as we often measure in the terms of how large your team is. This is not about numbers! One of the key elements to build a team is providing opportunities for growth for your members. People want to be apart of something bigger than themselves, but also participate in a […]