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  • Keeping Ministry Attractive to your Children

    Missionary Family

    As part of celebrating my first Blog-i-versary, I am re-posting some of my favorite posts which capture the heart of NoSuperHeroes. This post is one I enjoy because it captures the tension of missions and family. In the stage of life our family is, this is just as real today as when I wrote it. […]

  • Do We Protect our Kids from the Bible?

    kids bible

    How do we inspire a love for the Bible in our children, while dealing with its dark side? The people, events, and stories reflects topics we might not be ready to talk to our kids about. We read a Children’s Bible to our kids as well as allowing them to listen the NIV Audio Bible […]

  • Don’t Buy Your Kids “Lousy” T-Shirts

    stone of rememberance

    “My parents went to _______ and all they bought me was this lousy t-shirt!” How many of us have seen these shirts, or perhaps even have one tucked in a drawer gathering dust? Of all the amazing gifts we could bring back from a foreign country, and all we got was a t-shirt! Souvenirs represent […]