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Thanksgiving and Gratitude

November 23, 2011

As Americans celebrate Thanksgiving this week, it brings to mind things that we are grateful for. As an American, still celebrating the holiday while in South Africa, I want to remind my countrymen to be grateful.

When someone hands you a gift, the appropriate response in almost any culture is to say; ‘thank you.’ You receive the gift and treasure it. You treat it with respect. Your feelings towards the giver are affected, causing love and gratitude to flow.

In the United States, something we often do to express gratitude for something someone has given is to write a note. In this note, we express appreciation for what has happened. This is a thank you note.

We do not feel a need to climb the ladder to achieve some elusive spiritual platform. We simply respond with gratitude, desiring to get to know the Giver of the gift. We do this because we want to. The gift of God does not come with strings attached.