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Dirty God

January 4, 2014

I just finished up Dirty God: Jesus in the Trenches┬áby Johnnie Moore as my first book of 2014. Moore is the Vice President of Liberty University. This is a great book which combines the truth of grace with the “putting action to your faith” the Bible calls us to.

One of the first points which jumped out to me was Moore’s observation that Christians are often more concerned with holiness than happiness.

He says, “Christians might be thought of as holy, but they’re not always thought of as very happy.Does Jesus want us to be happy or holy?”

C.S. Lewis once wrote, “It is a Christian duty, as you know, for everyone to be as happy as he can.”

“God’s grace ought to make us happy people, period.”

“In Jesus’ time, happiness meant the virtue of having joy and satisfaction with your place in life.”