Tag: Jim Collins

  • Caution Versus Fear

    We all know leaders must take risks. Somewhere, it must be included in the definition of a leader. Leaders take people places they did not think they could go. Together we are able to accomplish more than we would on our own. Recently, I heard pastor and author, Mark Batterson, express this sentiment by saying, […]

  • Get the Right People on the Bus


    Jim Collins, in his bestselling book Good to Great, is famous for saying “get the right people on the bus.” This is so true. Having good people has been one of the biggest reasons for our success in South Africa. But at times, we have to think differently in order to make this a reality. […]

  • Is it a Marathon or a Sprint?


    Which one of these statements describes your life? Is it a: – Marathon or a sprint? – Drive through coffee or waiting for it to brew? – Sit down restaurant or fast food? – An Atm or walking in and seeing the bank teller? Perhaps the harder question to answer would be, is it : […]