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  • Take Hope

    Today I welcome Angie Washington to NoSuperheroes. She lives in Bolivia as a missionary. Angie has several blogs @ngie and a photo blog. You can follow her on Facebook or Twitter as well as read more about her life at the end of this post. I Called Her Baby My hand went to my mouth and […]

  • Our Story Is Not Our Identity

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    A few years ago, our family completed a journey to adopt and immigrate our son from South Africa. This process took over four years and included custody, name changes, countless documents, and finally culminated in him receiving his US citizenship and passport. My son’s identity has changed. He has a new name, a new country, […]

  • The Fog of Doubt

    How many times have we heard these admonitions in the name of faith? Don’t doubt, just believe! Don’t question, just have faith! Your emotions will lie to you, stand on the truth! While there is a degree of truth in these statements, they are not real life. We doubt, we question, and we have emotions […]

  • Hope Deferred

    hope deferred

    “Hope deferred makes heart sick.” (Prov. 13:12) This verse has been turning over and over in my mind the last while. I posted earlier about the fears missionaries face. One of those was the question of the mission field becoming a home for your family. In that initial post, I shared how we had missed […]

  • The Secret to Success in 2012

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    Happy New Year! This time of year is often used for setting goals. However, many endeavors fail before the end of the first month! Largely, this is because the goals we set are unobtainable. As I considered 2012, I was struck by the number 12. In the Bible, this often is a symbol for the […]