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  • Creating a Culture of Innovation

    Creating a Culture of Innovation

    I am blogging from Atlanta, Georgia at the Catalyst 2014 Conference. Serving as a part of the Blogger Team at Catalyst has been a blast. Looking forward to more great content as we roll in to Day 2. Craig Groeschel led things off. He is the pastor at LifeChurch.tv in Oklahoma and the author of […]

  • How to be a Biblical Hero

    How to be a Biblical Hero

    Do you feel like you could never be a hero like those we read about in the Bible?  You hear sermon after sermon on their successes and faith, but it seems an impossible level to attain. It’s almost as if they were not real people, walking around with halos on the head. Take Abraham for example. […]

  • A Marriage Boost

    A Marriage Boost

    Even the best of couples can use an occasional marriage boost. Maybe it has been a long time since you’ve had a “just you” date or getaway. Perhaps your family outings have been just that. Or it just may be the busyness of everyday life. You sense your marriage could use a boost. Things aren’t […]

  • Please, Not Me!

    Please, Not Me!

    Do you ever have days you wonder why God sent you? You doubt in the dark what you knew in the light? Questions about whether we are making an impact set in. As you contemplate your next big endeavor, you feel like saying… “Please, Not Me!” You are in good company. This is exactly the […]

  • Life WITH God

    Life WITH God

    I’ve spent a lot of time and space recently exploring ways Not to relate to God. We explored the false pretense saying God is required to bless us for right lifestyle. – Truth, although powerful and needed, can actually be a substitute for relationship with God. The consumer God mindset, where He becomes your WalMart was […]