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  • How to be a Biblical Hero

    Do you feel like you could never be a hero like those we read about in the Bible?  You hear sermon after sermon on their successes and faith, but it seems an impossible level to attain. It’s almost as if they were not real people, walking around with halos on the head. Take Abraham for example. […]

  • True Leadership

    mandela statue

    In light of the recent loss of Nelson Mandela, I thought a fitting tribute would be to explore leadership a bit. Mandela epitomized many of these Biblical characteristics as he changed South Africa and the world. This post is dedicated to the hope that the world can see more leaders like Mandela raised up in […]

  • My Favorite Nelson Mandela Story

    Sunday is a day of prayer and remembrance in South Africa. We are remembering the incredible life of Nelson Mandela and praying that his values and ideals will be carried through by current South Africans. The television channels have preempted all programs since his death and have been showing tributes around the clock. In the […]

  • Known

    Day 14: I Don't Know ANY of This!

    All of us desire to be known. God has created us with a desire to receive approval. It begins with our parents, and transfers over time to our spouse, our boss, our community, and those we impact. We spent an immense amount of time and energy increasing our ability to be known. Even success does […]

  • Surviving in an Anti-God Society

    MDP protest

    The airwaves of social media are laden with the demise of America. Christians are seen mourning over election results and some are stocking up on guns. The question of surviving in an increasingly anti-God society seems to come up often. I recently finished teaching the book of Daniel, which also asks this question. Daniel was […]