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Recently I came across an article which stated that Harold Camping will no longer proclaim to know the date of the end of the world and the Return of Christ.

Thank God!

If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Camping, he has proclaimed the end of the world on several occasions. His evangelism of this idea was not limited to the United States. While in Swaziland, I saw countless billboards which touted May 21, 2011 as Judgment Day.

As we all know, this day came and went.

As a missionary, this message makes our job much more difficult. We lose respect and look like fanatics among those we attempt to make inroads with.

Camping finally acknowledged his error. In the article mentioned above, it reports that Camping, age 90, ┬ásaid he had “learned the very painful lesson that all of creation is in God’s hands and he will end time in his time, not ours.” He also said he “humbly recognizes that God may not tell his people the date of his return.”