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Does Knowing Equal Changing?

February 26, 2013

Today, NoSuperHeroes welcomes back Chance Faulkner. His first post on NoSuperheroes, The Gospel That is Not, is still one of the most popular posts.

Why is it that we often believe the right things but lack spiritual transformation?

Recently God has showed me that I have a screwed up mindset when it comes to discipleship and counsel. Generally, I think that I have bought into the mindset that we are primary thinking beings and therefore tend to have an information-centric view on discipleship.

Functionally, our discipleship has been based on imparting correct information because our thinking is affected by sin and the fall, we have bad world-views or theologies which need reshaped.

It is not wrong to impart information, but this approach alone is incomplete, faulty and stunts growth because it is the wrong starting point.

Love Notes for Payment

November 3, 2012

My wife and I recently found our house decorated with Post It Notes. Our son, Garett, had written “I Love You’ on the notes and attached them to mirrors, televisions, even in the toilet. We were so touched by our seven-year old’s tender heart.

My wife commented to him about it, thanking him. His response brought a sickening feeling to our stomach’s.

“I am paying you back for all the bad things I have done.”


do it - procrastination concept

By: Vic

See the rest of our interaction with our son over on Nicole Cottrell’s blog, Modern Reject. Nicole is one of the best bloggers out there, pushing buttons and engaging people in conversation at the same time. I am honored to post on her site today.

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