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  • Go South To Get North

    Go South To Get North

    I used to see bumper stickers reading “God is my Co-Pilot”. One of my youth staff had this on their beater of a car. Besides the fact it is cheesy Christian stuff, there is truth in this. Genesis shows us one of these incidents. Jacob wanted to fulfill God’s plan for him in the land […]

  • Unique


    People are Valuable. Many of the hot issues in today’s society come down to a misunderstanding of the unique and special image of God on humans. Genesis 1:27 tells us that God created man and woman in the image of God. This gives humans the highest place in God’s created order. They are the most […]

  • Scandal!


    “Tim Tebow involved in a sex scandal.” “Billy Graham greatly overestimated the numbers saved at his crusades.” “Outspoken Christian Jeremy Lin is really a Buddhist.” People loves a good scandal. Anyone of the above headlines would cause a flurry of clicks to read the account of a hero falling. (For the record, they are all false.) The […]

  • From A Missionary to the Local Church

    From A Missionary to the Local Church

    This post represents an open discussion between missionaries and the local church. This does not come form a place of anger or bitterness. My goal to bring awareness. We have two incredibly supportive churches behind us. When we share the concern and care these churches show to our family, our peers are stunned. I have […]

  • God Loves Snail Mail

    God Loves Snail Mail

    When I started in missions, the way you communicated was through a pay phone or a letter. I know, some of you do not even know what that is! I remember a long time ago, writing a letter, rolling it up, and sending my trusty carrier pigeon off on his journey. (Ok, slight exaggeration) Yes […]