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One of the regular features on NoSuperHeroes is Weekend Wanderings, This is a round up of post from the week.

This is a special Blog-i-Versary Edition, including a FREE Giveaway!  Do I have your attention?

Here is the best of the week:

Here is a great leadership post highlighting the importance of both vision and values in a team by Mac Lake.

Brian Dodd shares a great perspective on the Most Under Appreciated Role in Leadership.

Joe Lalonde offers a great perspective in Progress Not Arrival.

Jason Vana, a frequent guest of Weekend Wanderings, speaks about how God leads us in spite of delays, detours, and hardships.

And in this season of American politics and way too many “negative” Facebook messages, Jen Hatmaker weighs in with one the best political posts I have read. Please take time to read Election Thoughts from a Christian Independent.