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  • The Could Have’s and Should Have’s

    You really should have done it this way… We are always critiquing our food, finding ways to make it better. The local church we attend is often the focal point of the “should have’s and could have’s”. I mean if they would just take our ideas everything would be perfect, right!? We are a people […]

  • How to Be Rich

    BT ArtBox - Money Box

    Rich is a matter of perspective. There is always someone richer than you and someone poorer than you. My wife, Lindsey, wrote blog post which went off the charts with traffic right around Christmas this past year. The post was entitled,  “Kid’s, We’re Rich!” In the post she offers this definition of wealth: “I think God […]

  • Leaving a Legacy

    Jars of Marbles

    I recently attended the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta. The theme was Known: Identity, Calling, Legacy Reggie Joiner spoke in one of the sessions on legacy, using an illustration of a jar of marbles. He shares how when people give birth to a child, he gives them a jar, telling them to remove a marble each […]

  • Missionary Kids

    CEF Missionary Teaches Kids

    Plenty of emphasis is placed on the dangers raising children on the mission field brings. The thought of crime and disease sends shivers down the spine of a parent contemplating “the life overseas”. Choosing missions for your kids causes them miss out on grandparents and culture in our home countries. It becomes so easy to whether […]

  • The Meaning of Marriage

    Tim Keller founded and currently pastors Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. With his mission being to reach cynical New Yorkers, he often has to refine what culture espouses to be true, replacing it with the Biblical perspective. When dealing with marriage, he is coming against the idols of self, image, and money. Look […]

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