Tag: faithfulness

  • Romance Redefined

    As Christians we toss words around like intimacy and passion transforming relationship with God into romance with God. In a sexualized culture, it is natural to start using these words to speak of our fellowship with God. We believe the highest human form of relationship will take on a sexual nature. I’ve heard stories of […]

  • God Loves Snail Mail


    When I started in missions, the way you communicated was through a pay phone or a letter. I know, some of you do not even know what that is! I remember a long time ago, writing a letter, rolling it up, and sending my trusty carrier pigeon off on his journey. (Ok, slight exaggeration) Yes […]

  • Is it a Marathon or a Sprint?


    Which one of these statements describes your life? Is it a: – Marathon or a sprint? – Drive through coffee or waiting for it to brew? – Sit down restaurant or fast food? – An Atm or walking in and seeing the bank teller? Perhaps the harder question to answer would be, is it : […]