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Romance Redefined

February 16, 2016

As Christians we toss words around like intimacy and passion transforming relationship with God into romance with God.

In a sexualized culture, it is natural to start using these words to speak of our fellowship with God. We believe the highest human form of relationship will take on a sexual nature.

I’ve heard stories of churches putting a bed on stage and speaking of how God wants to romance us. Is it anyone wonder women are more attracted to the church than men?!?

The Bible does not use our romantic notion to describe relationship. In fact when sexual imagery is used, it is a negative speaking of prostituting our hearts (Ezekiel 16:30) or walking in whoredom (Hosea 4:12).

What picture does the Bible take?

It would not make for a good movie or racy novel!

In fact, in our culture, it might be considered boring.

Today I am privileged to have Tom Phillips guest posting on Tom lives in Lake Lure, NC where he directs The Emmaus School of Biblical Studies (ESBS).  The ESBS is a residential discipleship school taking students through the content of the entire Bible in nine months.  The ESBS was founded in partnership with Youth With a Mission’s School of Biblical Studies (SBS) International.

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It’s crazy how quickly I tend to blame God for the slightest bit of hardship that arises. In the blaming I gloss over and forget all the other times in the past God has answered. Those answers range from bailing me out, coming though in the clutch, blessing or providing for me. I used to think it was all the late nights up with my kids that caused my forgetfulness. In reading Exodus, it became clear to me that our selective amnesia towards the saving acts of God, is a plague affecting us all.