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  • Hopeless Hope

    Christians and ministries often have a hard time losing hope. Hope filled Christianity is a wonderful thing, but it is more and more normal for people to hold out hope without any evidence to support it. There are times when we must actually lose hope and it may be in the best interest of the […]

  • I Want To Read The Bible More

    I’ve had a lot of history with reading the Bible. I teach it, I study it, and I do desire others to love it more. In my years I’ve tried many a Bible reading plan. You know, the ones with the beautiful little boxes you can check off after reading! Those boxes that make you […]

  • Fresh Air by Chris Hodges

    I first heard of Chris Hodges from an article he wrote for Relevant Magazine. He had me at the title with, “Are You Loving God out of Obligation.” Take a look at an excerpt from this article: “Some people are trying to be good people by doing godly things—reading their Bible, praying and serving those […]

  • Can We Teach the Grace of God to our Children?


    A few months ago, I wrote a post on Christian SuperMom called Reflecting a Gracious God to our Children. In it, I wondered what tools we as parents could use to model the grace of God to our kids. I would like to follow this post up with a report and some new thoughts. I modeled […]