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  • God, If You Do This, I Promise To…

    How often does some form of this bargaining plea cross our minds? “God….If you ______, I promise to ______.” Fill in the blanks with our chosen sign to give us the direction of the Almighty. We seek after prophetic words. A well-known prophet is in town and we attend hoping to hear some direct line […]

  • How Do I Know the Will of God?

    Half way looking at the road map

    As we seek to follow God, ultimately queries about being in His will come up. What does God want me to do with my life? We engage in a lot of activities to discern the direction of the Almighty. We ask. We look at all life’s circumstances and try to discern the best path. We […]

  • Go South To Get North


    I used to see bumper stickers reading “God is my Co-Pilot”. One of my youth staff had this on their beater of a car. Besides the fact it is cheesy Christian stuff, there is truth in this. Genesis shows us one of these incidents. Jacob wanted to fulfill God’s plan for him in the land […]