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  • Malcolm Gladwell on the Underdog (A Review of David and Goliath)

    Malcolm Gladwell

    Malcolm Gladwell explores the concept of being at a disadvantage in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles in his new book, [amazon_link id=”B00BAXFAOW” target=”_blank” ]David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants[/amazon_link]. His premise is that weakness is not always what it seems. Gladwell combines stories, history, research and psychology to draw […]

  • Brand New

    Fresh off the production floor from NoSuperHeroes is a brand new promo video for my book Death of the Modern Superhero: How Grace Breaks our Rules. Take a look at the promo and share it with your friends. Death Of The Modern Superhero  on Vimeo. The book is selling better than I’d hoped at this […]

  • Which is Easier, Speaking or Writing?


    Many writers desire a move into the realm of being a speaker. Some preachers decide to pick up the pen to extend their influence. Still others aspire to be a jack of all trades. Is it possible to do both? Which one is more difficult, speaking or writing? I have been speaking for over 15 years […]

  • 8 Traits of Grace Filled Leadership

    Drill sergeant discipline

    My first leadership experience was as an 11-year-old in Boy Scouts. As a newly christened “Assistant Patrol Leader”, I led as I had seen others leading. Experience said the way in which you led other pre-teen peers was through yelling and screaming, using all of your newly learned expletives until finally the group accomplished the […]

  • God Uses Ordinary People

    Society tells us we must be bigger, better, faster and stronger to find success. The fact that society exalts displays of strength is not something new to the twenty-first century. Paul dealt with these very things in Second Corinthians. Corinth was a leading first-century city, steeped in the Greek worldview, a worldview that exalted all […]