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All good stories end with the bad guy getting what he deserves. Jesus tells a story about a crook, but this one has a twist.

Friday, I posted on Tony Alicea’s Blog. The article was showing how through adoption, our story is no longer our identity. If you missed it, go have a look HERE

In Luke 18:9-14, Jesus tells a parable about the Pharisee and the hated tax collector. He is going to get to the root of people’s identity.

A tax collector was known as a crook. He would never be the guy you would hope your daughter would marry. They were known to be corrupt, unjust, and the worst of sinners. Think of all the modern day stereotypes, and this was the bad guy.

A Pharisee was the holy man. They took the 10 Commandments and enlarged them to 614 rules to show just how serious they were. They were respected and admired in society.