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I am blogging from Atlanta, Georgia at the Catalyst 2014 Conference. Serving as a part of the Blogger Team at Catalyst has been a blast. Looking forward to more great content as we roll in to Day 2.

Craig Groeschel led things off. He is the pastor at in Oklahoma and the author of multiple books.

How do we create a culture of innovation?

In the past, the church led the way in creativity and changing culture.

Craig’s church created and gave away the YouVersion Bible app. They have had 155 million free downloads. People are shocked to hear that a church created an app.

We as a church as delegated innovation to Apple and creativity to Hollywood. We’ve handed off relationships to Facebook.

3 Thoughts to Create a Culture of Innovation:

1. Limited Resources  Craig-Groeschel

Most everything which comes from those working with the Catalyst vein of ministry is quality. Altar Ego: Becoming Who God Says You Are by Craig Groeschel is no exception.

Altar Ego is a play on words. We must take our own perception of our self and lay it on the altar, embracing the new version; God’s version of our identity.

Early on in the book, as Groeschel is telling his own story he says, “But for the first time in my life, I knew I couldn’t do it on my own. I didn’t need to try harder. I didn’t need to turn over a new leaf. I didn’t need to pick myself up by my bootstraps and give myself a pep talk. I needed to die to myself. And to let Christ live in me.”

“Healthy cultures never happen by accident. They are created.”
“The number one force that shapes your culture is your values.”
“What we value determines what we do.”

The preceding quotes come from a talk Craig Groeschel gave at the Catalyst Conference recently. They help us discuss the next step in our series, United We Move: Building a Team Culture.

After setting the vision before the group, the next step is to create the culture or values by which we steward things. This enable us to build a healthy team.

Culture is what makes you unique or different. In ministry or family, there are many models. Your values are what determine how you will do things.

When I speak to people interested in joining our team in Africa, I tell them our values. This is our DNA, making us different than other programs. They do not make us better, but define our uniqueness.