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  • Grace When You Disagree

    It seems there are more opportunities for division and disagreement right now than ever. Many world events have caused Christians to take opposite sides on issues. The recent election in the USA The worldwide issues with refugees and immigrants A global fear of the foreigner. There are those embracing terms like evangelical and inclusive, while […]

  • Crucial Conversations

    “Often when it matters most we tend to do our worst.” Joseph Grenney, the author of [amazon_link id=”B005K0AYH4″ target=”_blank” ]Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High[/amazon_link], spoke recently at the Global Leadership Summit. He suggests we ask ourselves what crucial conversation we are not holding or not holding well. When a conflict arises or […]

  • Misunderstood Unity

    Mano a mano (Unity 2)

    I work in an organization which sends many short-term teams as well as develops working groups around projects. I hear a repeated statement coming out of their meeting times. “Give us unity….” I prayed this with my teams for many, many years….until I realized what it meant. Now, when I hear teams pray this, I […]

  • 3 Deadly mistakes in missions (and life)

    “Poor people are lazy.” “You must eat snakes and play with lions(if you live in Africa).” “Americans are fat.” People are famous for making assumptions and stereotypes. Often they are extremely painful. We recently had a time on our missions campus of sharing different perspectives from various cultures. We laughed, we cried, and we felt […]