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Andy Stanley is one of my favorite communicators. I thoroughly enjoy his podcasts and respect what he has accomplished. When I read several blogs touting must-read leadership books, his was on there. I picked up a copy of Next Generation Leader and was not disappointed.

Andy looks at 5 Essential Traits for those who will shape the future. I will overview the 5 C’s:


Leaders must channel their energies towards those arenas in which they are most likely to succeed.

Andy says his biggest mistake early in leadership was focusing on things which were not his strengths. Playing to your strengths and delegating towards your weakness is wisdom.

He sums this principle up by saying, “Great leaders know when to follow.”

Competence is not required of leaders in areas, only the right ones.



The leader is the one who has the courage to initiate, to set things in motion, and to move ahead.

Yesterday, I was commenting on an article written by Jeff Goins about Joe Paterno. (Click here to see it). As the words flowed out of me, I realized I had something I needed to process about Joe Paterno’s fall from grace and recent death.  Here is my rambling.

I am a life long Penn State and Joe Paterno fan. My father went to Penn State. I have fond memories of trips to State College for college football games. Trips that were not complete without some ice cream from the Creamery, where they serve “Peachy Paterno” ice cream.

Joe was the ultimate good guy. His fall from grace cannot be underestimated among Pennsylvanians. (If you are not familiar with story, this article gives a good overview). A heavy heart does not describe the sense of loss.