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  • God’s Perfect Plan

    Is there a perfect plan of God for our lives? I’ve heard many things along these lines through the years. “The good is the enemy of best.” “Don’t settle for second best in your life.” “Compromise will limit your effectiveness and take you out of His Will” This doesn’t even begin to consider the search […]

  • You Don’t Work for an Inheritance

    Last Will And Testament

    I was reading a portion of Michael Horton’s book, [amazon_link id=”B00B853PQM” target=”_blank” ]Gospel-Driven Life, The: Being Good News People in a Bad News World[/amazon_link], the other day. A portion jumped out at me and I felt it was worth sharing. Listen to Horton describe the gift of grace. “God does not simply create the gift and […]

  • Which Path Am I On?


    We’ve been considering the difference between pleasing God and trusting Him. The motivation has come through  [amazon_link id=”B006G3NFR0″ target=”_blank” ]The Cure: What If God Isn’t Who You Think He Is And Neither Are You[/amazon_link]. I am so impressed with the content of this book and think it hits a nerve among believers as we walk out the […]