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“Healthy cultures never happen by accident. They are created.”
“The number one force that shapes your culture is your values.”
“What we value determines what we do.”

The preceding quotes come from a talk Craig Groeschel gave at the Catalyst Conference recently. They help us discuss the next step in our series, United We Move: Building a Team Culture.

After setting the vision before the group, the next step is to create the culture or values by which we steward things. This enable us to build a healthy team.

Culture is what makes you unique or different. In ministry or family, there are many models. Your values are what determine how you will do things.

When I speak to people interested in joining our team in Africa, I tell them our values. This is our DNA, making us different than other programs. They do not make us better, but define our uniqueness.

Without a vision, the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18) This verse is often quoted as inspiration to have faith or to dream. But, do people really die without one?

As we explore building a team culture through our series called “United We Move“, the first step in our journey is vision.

Vision is essential to moving a group forward. This is common sense. You cannot move a group somewhere unless you know where you are going. On this journey, there a few common mistakes which we make in the area of vision.

Mistake #1. Too Small

The vision needs to be big enough to inspire people to dream. If there is no difficulty in obtaining the vision, it is too small. A vision bigger than yourself or the others involved is what you are after. There should be risk involved as well as the potential to fail. This is the part that requires faith. If no faith is required, you do not have a vision, you have a project.