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My Story is not Boring

September 17, 2012

Maybe you are like me.

Earlier in life, I struggled with feelings of inadequacy when it came to the “quality” of my testimony.

I was not a gangster.
I never was a player.
I’ve never signed up for a rehab program

I was ordinary.
I felt as if others needed a life-preserver more than me.

It is easy to listen to the dramatic testimonies amongst us and marvel at the grace of God.

But my story was not very awe-inspiring. Maybe even boring.

boring story

Or so I thought. I was wrong.

Sin is equal in breaking God’s standard.
Sin is equal in its need to be forgiven.

I’ve broken God’s perfect standard as much the mass-murdering or the pimp dealing in human trafficking. irregardless if it is one sin or a million sins, we all need grace.