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  • 8 Benefits of Blogging from a Rookie

    blogging benefits

    Michael Hyatt wrote an article recently on the benefits of blogging. When I saw this, I was excited and dismayed. Excited because Michael always has good things to say. Dismayed because I had the same idea in my blog lineup! Now everyone will think I rip off Michael Hyatt! Oh well. Michael Hyatt has nearly 200,000 […]

  • 3 Healthy Reasons to Unplug

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    Today I am privileged to have a guest post by Marysol Blomerus.  You can follow her on Twitter @blomerus Its the New Year. Maybe one of your goals is to blog more and check Facebook less. Or to keep your inbox manageable and limit online streaming sports. Or to “be home and off your phone” after 7pm […]