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Even the noblest of leaders can succumb to the lure of entitlement.

We work hard, often at a lower salary than our efforts should provide. What would be so wrong with accepting the perks the job can provide?

In the recent downfall of Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill we saw some of this illustrated, most in subtle ways.

Things which can be a blessing for working hard at a low salary when the church or non-profit is small, can become expected when it grows larger.

What started as, “Let’s bless the pastors and their wives with a meal, pedicure, or day at the spa” can subtly shift to being an expected perk of the job.

I see this in the organizations I work with. Entitlement is subtle but dangerous. Some of the financial reports coming out on Mars Hill, seem to indicate this drift occurred.

As part of celebrating my first Blog-i-versary, I am re-posting some of my favorite posts which capture the heart of NoSuperHeroes. This post is one I enjoy because it captures the tension of missions and family. In the stage of life our family is, this is just as real today as when I wrote it.  Check back all week for more great posts and giveaways.

“When I grow up, I want to be just like Daddy!”

There is nothing better as a Dad than to hear your kids say they want to do a job similar to yours. Both my sons have recently expressed a desire to be either Bible teachers or missionaries, just like good ol’ Dad.


July 30, 2012

Tim Tebow involved in a sex scandal.”
“Billy Graham greatly overestimated the numbers saved at his crusades.”
“Outspoken Christian Jeremy Lin is really a Buddhist.”

People loves a good scandal.

Anyone of the above headlines would cause a flurry of clicks to read the account of a hero falling. (For the record, they are all false.)

The sports world has recently been rocked by revelations in which the ultimate good guy, Joe Paterno, and clean college football program, Penn State, covered up multiple cases of abuse by an assistant coach.

If you are not from Pennsylvania, it is hard to understand how shocking this is.

The location of Penn State is called Happy Valley.
Joe Paterno was the ultimate blue-collar coach who players adored.
Penn State has plain uniforms with no names signifying a team rather than individuals or superstars.

Pennsylvanians truly bleed the blue and white of Penn State.