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  • What Would a Great Leader Do?

    Great leaders ask questions. They are always seeking to learn and grow from others. In his recent leadership podcast, Andy Stanley looks at the power and influence questions can accomplish. This short talk has stayed with me for days. It is extremely profound, yet refreshingly simple. Asking questions of ourselves and others do three things […]

  • Changing An Ungracious Culture

    I’ve done a lot of reflecting recently on my past years in leadership when I worked with a multi-cultural international team overseeing a missions campus. I am still haunted by several poor decisions we made. These are clearly seen in hindsight, but in the midst of busy schedules and deadlines, often go unnoticed until it […]

  • A Legacy Mindset

    “Humility has to be a value to learn and increase your influence.” I recently had the opportunity to attend the Global Leadership Summit. Bill Hybels gave the opening talk. This was my first time hearing Bill and he had a lot of great information for gracious leaders. Bill pointed out that humility enables us to […]

  • Does A Lack of Vision Cause Death?


    “Without a vision, the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18) This verse is often quoted as inspiration to have faith or to dream. But, do people really die without one? As we explore building a team culture through our series called “United We Move“, the first step in our journey is vision. Vision is essential to moving […]