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How many times have we heard change will occur in our lives, or even in our nations, when we begin to apply Biblical truth?

It’s true isn’t it?

You don’t have to be a believer to have God’s principles work.

  • If you handle money the way God tells us to, you will prosper. Think of how wealthy the Jewish people have become.
  • If you walk in the wisdom God gives for a healthy lifestyle, you will be in better health.
  • We all take certain Biblical values as absolutes, such as society being better if I do not go on a murder spree!

This has nothing to do with following God.

Can we as Christians journey to a place where truth substitutes for God?

A life focused only on truth can turn us into a manager. Skye Jethani describes it as being, “an autonomous being who has been given a divine manual for operating my life and world, and whose fate will ultimately rest upon how well I implement God’s principles and instructions.”