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  • Eat This Book

    Eating male lion

    I’ve been reading Eugene Peterson’s Eat This Book recently. His analogy of us reading the Word of God was striking. I want to share it with you. “Years ago I owned a dog who had fondness for large bones…He gnawed on the bone, turned it over and around, licked it, worried it. Sometimes we could hear […]

  • Read One More Verse


    Often in Scripture, things are not as they seem at first glance. Unfortunately, too many of us stop with the first glance. We practice “Bible Roulette” and grab one verse at a time without considering what the author meant. Context is the tool for this in Bible study. This is the second most important principle […]

  • Don’t Buy Your Kids “Lousy” T-Shirts

    stone of rememberance

    “My parents went to _______ and all they bought me was this lousy t-shirt!” How many of us have seen these shirts, or perhaps even have one tucked in a drawer gathering dust? Of all the amazing gifts we could bring back from a foreign country, and all we got was a t-shirt! Souvenirs represent […]