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Losing Our Edge

November 13, 2013

Ever attempt to dig into a nice juicy steak with a dull knife?

Knives and scissors lose their edge over time, making the work of cutting much more difficult. Regular evaluation and sharpening will keep a knife in peak form to work its magic on your steak!

We speak of businesses or athlete’s losing their edge which previously had set them apart from the field. The athlete who has lost a step or the company who cannot continue churning out wining products quickly become ordinary. Instead of leading the pack, they find themselves apart of it.

Leaders lose their edge too.

We can get weary, worn out, or even lazy at times.

We begin to accept second best, losing the ability to give things our top effort.

Before we realize it, we have lost the plot and are focused on minor issues rather than the major ones.

Half of American workers hate their jobs! That is shocking!

I believe we can improve the enjoyment of our teams by promoting balanced lives coupled with creating a team environment and being concerned with their growth.

Too often workers dislike their jobs because the road to success come through overworking. Workers need to be challenged and pushed, but not run over.

In her book, The Overworked American, Juliet Schor estimates we have 1/3 less leisure time, sleep 90 minutes less per night than needed, and find less time for raising our kids and our marriages.

We saw this in action when some of our Bible school staff walked around like zombies. No student wanted to join staff, living a life similar to what they saw modeled. Your current workers enjoyment communicates a lot to future employees.

While never enjoying every element of our jobs, we should have a basic satisfaction.