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Superstar Versus Team

June 19, 2012

The recent trend in sports is to assemble a collection of superstars in hopes of winning a title. Is this the path to success or would organizations be better served to build a strong team?

The trend in sports seems to favor teams with many integral parts over the collection of 1 or 2 superstar players.

History tells us this.

In the NHL, the newest Stanley Cup champions are the 8th seeded LA Kings. A collection of quality parts but without a superstar.

In the NFL, the less heralded little brother of Peyton Manning, Eli, wins against Hollywood Tom Brady.  Twice

The St Louis Cardinals beat my beloved Phillies on route to a title.

Speaking of the Philies, their worst collection of individual players is one that won the title. Since then, they have added superstars and left the playoffs earlier each year.