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  • Grace and Anger

    Grace and Anger

    The topics of grace and anger are difficult to bring together. Even more so when we consider the emotions of God. Our natural tendency is to transform God into a human. When we consider him as our Father, the reflection of our earthly parents influence our perspective. How do we consider the anger of God […]

  • A God of Justice or Grace?

    A God of Justice or Grace?

    Is God a God of Justice or Grace? We often wrestle with these two seemingly opposite traits within our Father. Different Scriptures seem to show each perspective. Sometimes we feel like we are reading about two different gods who are at war. We usually end up choosing one at the expense of another. If there […]

  • 6 Mental Mistakes of Leaders

    6 Mental Mistakes of Leaders

    When we see the ordinary events of our lives begin to intersect with things we are reading and studying, it usually means God is trying to get our attention. I posted on Friday about “Losing the Plot” in our lives and ministries. Literally hours later, I found myself reading a portion from The Executive and […]