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  • Unique


    People are Valuable. Many of the hot issues in today’s society come down to a misunderstanding of the unique and special image of God on humans. Genesis 1:27 tells us that God created man and woman in the image of God. This gives humans the highest place in God’s created order. They are the most […]

  • The Missing Link


    You’ve heard of the missing link? Maybe he or she is looking back at you in the mirror! It has been my experience that we often have a missing link or disconnect in our Christian lives. I see this disconnect in discipleship where people are passionate for one cause and blind on a very similar […]

  • Grace for the Single Parent

    single parent

    I am a single parent……for three more days! My wife has been away at a missions conference for 12 days now. I am often the one in the family who travels, so this is not a whine fest. I have truly gained an appreciation for single parents over these two weeks. I’ve been the one […]