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  • The End May Not Be Near

    2012 The End is Near!!!

    The end may not be near. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s I was bombarded with predictions and prophecies about the end of the world. I was on the tale end of the [amazon_link id=”031027771X” target=”_blank” ]The Late Great Planet Earth[/amazon_link] by Hal Lindsey craze and on the front end of the [amazon_link id=”1414334907″ target=”_blank” ]Left […]

  • What Happens to me on Judgment Day?

    This is a series of posts on NoSuperHeroes based on the Top Questions I receive in my Grace Seminars. Come back each day to see how we answer our questions without changing the message of Grace! Top Question: I’m afraid of Judgment Day. What will happen when I stand before God? As I grew up, I […]