Passing the Torch of Succession

Pass the Torch

Missionaries are good at many things. We are adaptable, we are frugal, and we often carry a global perspective.

In my experience, one area we are weak in is in planning for the future. Our strength lies in our ability to respond and change, but at times this keeps our focus on the here and now, rather than outward to what is to come.

This is evident in our finances (but this is for another discussion), our relationships, and often in our ministries.

We are the ones who boldly proclaim that retirement is not in the Bible.
We wrestle with whether it is appropriate for us to store up future funds when immediate needs are so great.
We often struggle to travel home to maintain valuable relationships due to the immensity of work which needs to be done on the field.

These are generalizations I realize. But, let’s pause for a moment to consider succession in our ministries.

I seem to meet many in ministry who have no plan for the work to go on when they are unable to do it.

Why is this?

Pass the Torch
By: Jed De La Cruz

Join with the Life Overseas community for a discussion on this interesting and difficult part of leadership.

How and when do we engage in passing the torch of succession?