November 13, 2012

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Wars, Ethic Cleansing, Racism, Sexism, Immigration……..

As a human race we divide ourselves over so many issues. Paul dealt with this type of division several times in his ministry.

In Romans, he trys to build unity in a church filled with both Jews and Gentiles. These two people groups hated each other, even in the church. He began to show them their common origin as sinners, that they have the same salvation in Christ, and as believers they live and grow the same way.

All through his writings, Paul’s answer to the divisions we bring follows the line of Galatians 3:28. “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male of female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

Paul demonstrates this principle in the letter to Philemon.

Philemon was a slave owner, who’s slave Onesimus had wronged him. Under Roman law, Philemon could impose the death penalty. Paul pleads for restoration, and the receiving back of this slave as a brother, even offering to personally pay anything that was owed. Under Roman law, Onesimus owed Philemon his life!

Philemon vs 12 shows that Paul sends him to face restoration. “I am sending him back to you, sending my very own heart.” Imagine the scene as he returns to Philemon carrying this letter from Paul knowing that Philemon had every right to kill him.

This is radical reconciliation!

1. Think of all the modern-day issues that would change if believers walked in the spirit of reconciliation. List them out and pray for change in these areas.

2. Change begins with us. Who do we need to be reconciled to? Write this person down and make a plan to make things right.

3. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal areas in our hearts where we divide ourselves. It could be race, sex, or income level. When you catch yourself doing this, pray. Confess your shortcomings and pray for God to bring you inline with His truth.

“Unity is not the absence of conflict, but the walking through it in a Godly way” 

biblia del disipulo2

Take a moment now, and ask God who you need to be reconciled to. Send the email. Pick up the phone. Write that letter!

This post is one in a series of devotionals which were published in La Biblia Del Discipulo (The Discipleship Bible), which is a Spanish language Bible. For more information on the Bible, please visit :

The E-Version is also available for IPads or mobile devices. Copyright 2011.

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